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Quality, Environment and Safety Policy

The senior management of Almadina Misuarata paints which contribute to the manufacture and production of paints and pastes of all kinds of water and oil in the city of Misurata, we declare our policy to maintain quality and environment and occupational safety and health as follows:

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General Principles

We maintain our position as a leader in the manufacture of coatings and pastes in Libya. We are committed to maintain the quality of our products and developing them according to the wishes of our customers while adhering to the creation of a clean, safe and healthy working environment.

We believe that the right policy of quality, environment and safety strengthens our competitive position and benefits our customers, partners, employees and all stakeholders through our contribution to the provision of good product, healthy atmosphere and conscious economic climate in the community we serve.

Basic General Steps

  • Take into consideration the requirements of customers when developing our product quality plans and taking into account the environmental dimension and safety of our employees when developing our management plans.
  • We identify and evaluate the specifications, laws and legislation of Libya that belong to us and we work to meet them and other requirements that we are subject to.
  • Achieve our goals of quality, environment and safety to improve performance, reduce waste, reduce pollution and prevent accidents.
  • Design, manufacture, production and marketing of paints and pastes of all kinds, water and oil according to the highest levels of quality and possible productivity at the right prices to satisfy customers and their expectations.

Industrial Safety & Occupational Safety

The Industrial Security and Occupational Safety Department at Almadina Misuarata Paints is working all the time to maintain the health and safety of the employees and employees of the company, as well as to preserve the property of the company by providing them with the latest global monitoring systems.

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We will take the following actions to achieve our goals
  • Continuous improvement in the management system and performance of performance monitoring performance and benchmarking to the best quality and most appropriate price.

  • Rationalize our consumption of resources of raw materials, water and energy in order to reduce waste and improve the environment.

  • Secure premises and operations to reduce accidents and injuries.

  • Reduce industrial waste or reuse.

  • Provide products that are safe, efficient and efficient in their use when they are traded and used in accordance with the recommendations, guidelines and procedures provided.

Values and Standards